PROJECT: Under the Nordic Light

"Under the Nordic Light" - A Journey through Time Island 1999-2011

How does a landscape change within a period of 9 -12 years? I observe Areal Island with comparative photographs and individual pictures over a period of 12 years. What has changed, what has stayed the same? What traces become visible in a landscape within a specific period of time if humans intervene, or if they don't? Besides observing changes in landscape, the project also poses questions relating to our subjective perception of time.  Our perception of time, which is limited by our senses, plays an important role in the wrong assessment of impending dangers. I show clear evidence of the changes in Iceland's landscape that have become visible due to the production of energy and global warming, as well as the financial crisis. At the same time, though, I also show what will happen to a landscape in a period of 10-12 years if man does not intervene.